Code of conduct

allinvos is a leading full-service provider in the field of digitalisation and process cost optimisation in the hotel and catering industry. We work on behalf of around 750 hotels, hotel chains, restaurants and other companies in a number of countries.

We are therefore a valuable company. And valuable companies need values & a code of conduct – as does allinvos. They are part of our corporate culture. Individually and collectively, they are aimed at sustainably and measurably improving the value creation and market success of our customers & partners through digital solutions.

This "Code of conduct" defines the minimum standard of business conduct for each of us, so that we act ethically, entrepreneurially, in a value-oriented and responsible manner and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Corporate values - We have four corporate values, which for us are the overriding guiding principles in our dealings with colleagues as well as partners and customers:

Sounds Good – Open, transparent, goal-oriented, appreciative and respectful communication with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues in allinvos and the entire DEHAG Group

Wind of Change – We welcome thinking outside the box! New ideas, too. We question what we do, day after day, without intentionally throwing out what is “tried and tested". We are open to new ideas and approaches and permit ourselves to make mistakes when developing innovations. For us, it's part of evolution.

Only you – Independent, responsible work and time management – "Intrapreneurs” within the business. DO – Ought, should, could...not with us. We are movers and shakers. And we get things done!

We help – Service and solutions are the focus of our activities, not explaining why something is not possible. And this in association with all colleagues

Ethical action- allinvos employees may not accept gifts & favours that could be seen as an attempt to influence business decisions. We comply with the relevant anti-corruption laws and thus avoid bribery, corruption and forbidden business practices.

Equality - We make no distinction in our actions, recommendations, promotions, professional training etc. according to race, origin, religion, ideology, sexual identity, physical or mental disability or gender.

Conflicts of interest- Employees are required to disclose to the management openly and transparently any business relationships with related parties that arise or exist or that result from the fulfilment of our business purpose, so that an assessment can be made as to whether this represents a risk of influence on business decisions.

Judgement - allinvos employees use their judgement in a responsible and prudent manner and are guided by honesty, transparency, appreciation, respect, professionalism, reliability, fairness and integrity in their actions. allinvos employees do not abuse their position in order to gain personal advantages that could even harm allinvos, nor do they tolerate or encourage behaviour that is not in line with our "Code of conduct".

Transparency – Transparency, multi-level approval workflows, audit compliance, documentation. These are core elements in our development and work strategy.

Confidentiality & data protection - Information about the company or the group of companies – so-called company secrets – as well as relevant business information of our customers and supply partners must always be treated confidentially and must not be disclosed to third parties (including competitors), unless disclosure is necessary in order to perform our tasks. Data protection laws are observed.

One touch – A short process. With everything that can be directly influenced by us in digitalisation management, consulting & support for our partners & customers. For greater time savings & efficiency. For our partners and for ourselves.

Environment - We proactively consider environmental friendliness/environmental protection in our work and try to implement this wherever feasible and compatible with the performance of our business tasks. We comply with environmental provisions and observe relevant laws.

Health & safety - The well-being and safety of our employees and the partners for whom we work and who may be affected by our activities are at the heart of our commitment to care and prevention. We provide a safe and hygienic working environment and observe occupational health and safety.

Protecting business assets - allinvos provides all its employees with the operating resources they need to perform their work, such as technical equipment, working materials, office space and other assets. Employees must treat these resources and other assets with care and protect them from loss, theft or damage and not use them for personal purposes unless they have been expressly permitted to do so or it is stipulated in their contract of employment.

Efficiency - We base our work on the current budget and business plan, which is transparently accessible to all employees and is explained and presented once a year to ensure the economic viability of allinvos. This earning power is important in order to provide the best possible service for our customers & partners.