The digital procure-to-pay process allinvos


integration with cash register systems


integration with financial accounting

Your benefits

  • Contract management for the complete administration of all your supply and service contracts
  • Upload function for purchase orders, delivery notes etc. in one system
  • Procure-to-Pay solution thanks to interface to online ordering system and merchandise management
  • Fast, encrypted web portal with security server
  • Multi-client capable & multilingual

Our services for you

Fully automated, centralised capture of all incoming invoices (all formats):
  • Initial account assignment (using your standard chart of accounts)
  • Plausibility check on all incoming invoices (mandatory fields etc.) by allinvos on your behalf
  • All incoming invoices in a standardised format – including unit price at article level
  • Indication of price changes when purchase prices change
Invoice workflow completely online (BPaaS – Business-Process-as-a-Service) from checking through to payment run:
  • Functional approval – possible at multiple levels
  • Account assignment (using your standard chart of accounts)
  • Payment approval
  • Payment run
  • Data transfer to your financial accounting system
Online archive of all incoming invoices:
  • Audit- & tax-law-compliant
  • Search for all invoices by product name, supplier, date etc.
  • Entire processing history for every invoice
Interfaces to all common financial accounting systems:
  • DATEV, Filosof, FibuNet, Navision, SAP
Customised reporting, e.g.:
  • Purchase price development
  • Liquidity requirement
  • Cash discount revenues
  • Vendor revenues